Display Advertising

The North Face

Web page mock-ups for The North Face show examples of how imagery could alternately be displayed for PLP and PDP pages on the website for this eComm company.

Examples of a display advertising project promoting tourism to Las Vegas, Nevada.

The project included creating a project proposal, storyboard and a flowchart.

The imagery for the project is composed of animated and non-animated marketing banners for the web.

My photography and editing for Treats is currently being used on the homepage of their website and featured throughout their site.

Visit Las Vegas

project proposal


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This is item imagery I photographed and styled for Treats.


The client requested imagery photographed with natural lighting on a light wood background.


These images were later edited for their homepage and other pages on site. I also was responsible for styling of product on all my shoots.

Below is the monthly subscription boxes that I styled and photographed for Treats.

The post-production work performed included retouching the image and putting it on a white background with a drop shadow so it could later be used on other backgrounds if needed.